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“WORKER STRUGGLE” Trotskyian Narodnik church last ultimate refuge of reformism... with two bullets...

Hang in there, dear readers, because Operation “Trotskian Revelation” is launched! Our secret agents, aka the Masters of Discretion (their real names are kept in a safe, have just served us two rare pearls on a silver platter. It seems that in the dark and mysterious corridors of the Trotskyian Narodnik Parish ' Workers' Struggle , some play it more revolutionary than Robin Hood at the Sherwood festival, while deep down, it's more Robin Hood in the forest of Trébuchet - they aim for the apple, but hit the apple tree . father Jean Pierre and sister Nathalie have struck again... This is because in the century-old saga of our Trotskyian comrades, hiccups are as frequent as an episode of "Game of Thrones" ( but with fewer dragons and more dialectic) . Will we still be the turkeys in the great merry-go-round of failed revolutions, betrayed, etc.? And here is our courageous anonymous emissary, like the Indiana Jones of the archive, revealing to us two more nuggets not to be missed... The antics of Lutte Ouvrière remind us that the stakes of the proletarian revolution are far too serious to be delegated to a group of clowns just good at organizing a party in PRESLES , which is actually very nice (the Savoyard fondue is perfect). I'm going to tell you a secret: my doctor explained to me that I shouldn't overindulge in these joys because it's bad for my high blood pressure... After the episode on the incredible theories of Lutte Ouvrière on “POPULAR DEMOCRACY” (see the previous article by clicking on this link) that's a lot... Your devoted Jean GILLOT...

First nugget from Sister Nathalie ARTHAUD...

LO or double-barreled reformism hidden behind radical/working-class vocabulary.

A gem from Arthaud about the arrival of Syriza to power in Greece: "It is an objective necessity to be in a position to fight in solidarity with the Tsipras government as long as it sticks to measures favorable to workers that he had promised and against him if he turns his back on his promises."

LO defends the position according to which a capitalist government in Greece could somehow defend interests which are not those of the bourgeoisie. The Greek proletarians would laugh heartily, if they were not busy searching in vain for something to feed and care for their children...and for good reason!

While LO chatters about the virtues of the Tsipras government, the latter imposes the most ferocious anti-worker austerity.

In his time, Trotsky vigorously denounced all imaginable variants of the popular front, which he considered the worst betrayal. After Mitterrand, Royale and co, LO confirms once again that class collaboration is at the heart of its program. “Our anonymous correspondent...

ON THE GREEK QUESTION WE PUBLISH A USEFUL LINK TO CLARIFY OUR READERS ON THE BETRAYAL OF TSIPRAS: "Greece: the repression organized by Tsipras - Golden Dawn has nothing to fear

Published on October 9, 2018 by Kouvelakis and Lapavitsas" CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK:

Second nugget from Father Jean-Pierre MERCIER:

When Mercier de LO spices up Capitalism: The reformist recipe for not overturning the pot!”

LO is a reformist sect.

Mercier, terrible Bolshevik from LO, butter knife between his teeth, explains to us without laughing - while social struggles continue to grow and while 12 million French people do not have enough to heat themselves in the middle of winter - how the bourgeois state must manage the funds granted to businesses!!!

It is not the overthrow of the bourgeoisie that motivates this painter, but the capacity of French Capital to face international competition! Thus, the crises of overproduction and the impoverishment of the masses would only result from poor state management, which “honest” capitalist ministers should be able to remedy. Years of anti-worker austerity carried out by left-wing governments with the electoral complicity of LO have not yet satisfied Mercier's reformist appetites! Here it is which brings back the cover of class collaboration!

In the past, even the most democratic regimes hunted down revolutionary leaders during periods of social unrest. Today, we understand better why they invite them on TV sets!” Our anonymous correspondent

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