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Aware that no numerical majority, and even more so an electoral majority composed of passive voters, is competent to justify relations of exploitation and political domination, we proclaim, before the face of the Earth, the existence of a superior and inalienable right inherent to every human being, that of not being reduced to slavery. We recall that capitalism is par excellence the contemporary social relationship of slavery generalized across the entire planet. We affirm that a minority has the right to reject the legitimacy of a numerical majority, a fortiori that of an electoral majority, of a reactionary nature, wishing to impose in an authoritarian manner a social relationship of exploitation and political domination. We proclaim the superior right to communism for every human being! Considering with the greatest seriousness that the question of the proletarian revolution is intimately linked to the survival of our species itself, and that therefore the supreme importance of this cause cannot be bequeathed to left-wing political sects - that whether they are reformists, Trotskians, Leninists, Stalinists, Maoists or anarchists - who have, during the twentieth century, too often demonstrated a slavish allegiance towards capitalism, we raise our voice withOtto Rühleto solemnly declare that social revolution cannot be the prerogative of any party.The true revolutionary party is the proletariat, the historical subject of the class struggle, a proletariat whose material living conditions will lead it towards communism.

The vision of does not see communism as an end in itself, but as a historical movement intended to establish a society free from all relations of exploitation and domination, both political and religious, whose driving force is class struggle. . This movement aspires to a mode of coexistence where the state, social classes, money and commerce as we know them today will cease to exist, reduced to vestiges of a prehistoric past.

From Ideal to Reality

We are fully aware of the serious attacks on the original vision of communism and the precious teachings of Marx and Engels by the authoritarian regimes which claimed their theories during the 20th century, particularly during the Stalinist, Leninist, and Maoist eras. Nevertheless, we firmly maintain that these historical diversions should not condemn humanity to resign itself to an existence dominated by the universal servitude inherent in the capitalist system.

Our ambition is to create a living environment where the fundamental needs of each individual are met without coercion, which allows everyone to flourish and increase their well-being. Such a society would be built on principles of equality and solidarity, with collective management of production for the benefit of all, distribution of the fruits of production according to the principle "to each according to their needs", and withering away. of the division between manual and intellectual work. The implementation of these ideals is inseparable from our struggle against all forms of enslavement and supremacy. 

Commitment and Call to Action

Through this declaration, is committed with determination to defending and working for the recognition and establishment of this superior right, the right to communism. We call on all people sharing this liberating goal to support our message by spreading it.Join our call to transform current structures into vestiges of a bygone past and begin the establishment of an era of freedom and equality. 

Proletarians of all countries, let us unite for the superior right to communism!Whether through discussions, social networks or dedicated forums, your action contributes to widening the circle of awareness and strengthening our collective impact in favor of the higher right to communism. Spread our cause on to catalyze change towards a more just and equitable society. Become an actor and spokesperson for a communist and united transition, a necessary condition for the undeniable affirmation of human dignity.


PRESENTATION OF THE PLATFORM: This political platform is a whole and cannot be divided up without being distorted. It is an avenue for reflection to realize our vision of a socialist transition to communist society and is inspired, without pretension, by Marx and Engels.

  • The class of workers, the proletariat, sets itself up as the dominant class with the perspective of emancipating society from all relations of exploitation: to do this it must already build itself into a federation of committees with for the purpose of exercising its political domination: dissolution of all current employer institutions which exclude us from decision-making by replacing them with a coordination of our committees and assemblies of workers' committees, at all levels of production and at all scales territorial: Designation of delegates according to imperative mandates with permanent right of revocability of committees. Establishment of the power of committees. The committees are brought together in local and regional assemblies, by company and by sector of activity. Delegates do not benefit from any specific income for the exercise of the delegation, except compensation for any costs related to the exercise of their commitment. The delegates must continue to work like all other workers and participate in the collective production effort. Delegation tasks are integrated into working time and within reason, favoring rotation in delegation duties: a delegate cannot become a permanent bureaucrat. All mandates must be elective: no co-optation from above by political or trade union organizations. The size of the committees should not exceed thirty participants with the operating mode of organizing speaking rounds in order to create real conditions to allow everyone to intervene in the decision-making process. This is to prevent any development of a bureaucracy which appropriates material privileges as well as power to the detriment of the entire class of associated worker-consumers. The committees are federated in assemblies, local and regional, company and by sector of activity. 

  • Put an end to all the privileges and impunity, shareholding and exploitation of employees which find their corollaries in the impoverishment of the greatest number by committing to the path of social equality.NOTHING JUSTIFIES THE INCREASINGLY UNSUPPORTABLE SOCIAL INEQUALITIES. EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO LIVE DECENTLY ON THIS EARTH REGARDLESS OF OUR DIFFERENCES AND ABILITIES: Increase in low incomes by limiting income gaps from 1 to 4 maximum as a first intermediate step, with the objective of a general and egalitarian socialization of all income from production with the final perspective of the establishment of a society where all measures, merchandise, money, wages will have been abolished under the regime of the principle "to each according to their needs" as well as the abolition of money and wages: everyone must according to their abilities participate in the collective effort of production. Society must show solidarity with people with disabilities or the inability to work: an average standard of living for other active workers will be guaranteed.

  • Whatever the age, let’s work according to our abilities and on our own conditions!We have the prospect of allowing everyone to retire with a maximum of 30 years and between 50 and 55 years maximum depending on the arduousness of the work carried out.

  • Night work, outdoor work, sedentary lifestyle, isolation, exposure to harmful substances, noise, vibrations, humid environments, let's mobilize to highlight the arduous factors of our professions!

  • Free basic necessities, food, housing, health, public transport, education, professional training and openness of the university to all, regardless of age or diploma for perspective, the free access to as many goods and services as possible.

  • Expropriation of large fortunes, abolition of capitalist property and direct and collective management of companies: socialization of all means of production, exchange and financial circuits under the control of associated worker-consumers.

  • Ensure free and decent housing for all: abolition of rents and asserting the right of use through access to full possession of individual and family housing.

  • Hiring the unemployed through a radical reduction in working hours, no one must be left behind: Collective organization of working time in order to ensure free time for everyone with the initial objective of a week of 25 hours maximum

  • Ensure retirement at an age according to each person’s choices and abilities.

  • Self-management of production companies and organizations to meet the needs of everyone. All power to the committees of workers and residents to plan production according to social needs and ecological imperatives. Put an end to useless and toxic commercial production.

  • Abolition of the police and the army. Establishment of self-defense of the revolutionary process and the necessary security by the proletarian committees. Terrorism is in no way a means of proletarian struggle. Expression of social layers without a historical future and of the decomposition of the petty bourgeoisie, when it is not directly the emanation of the war that States are constantly waging, it always constitutes a privileged terrain for manipulation of the bourgeoisie. Advocating the secret action of small minorities, it is in complete opposition to class violence which is the conscious and organized mass action of the proletariat.


The majority of workers and families are becoming poorer while the oligarchies increase their empire and the bourgeoisie: the richest cost several hundred billion euros per year. We have to pay ever more for parasitic commercial activities while the choices of politicians of all labels make it ever more difficult for us to access medical care, training, housing, and dignity at work. Power doesn't care about ecology. The big groups continue to produce with complete impunity the carcinogenic crap that we are dying of. The profit industry burns down all the earth's resources essential to life.  We are mobilized to say stop! Stop the exploitation of bosses! Stop unnecessary production!  Stop worthless work!  Stop political and electoral manipulation!  


The time has come to come together and agree on the society we want. Let us organize ourselves into committees in each of our companies, workshop by workshop and department by department, by neighborhood, block by block, building by building and street by street. Let us build bonds of mutual aid, seek all means to satisfy our needs by ourselves.

Certain parts of the political-media elite would like to stem our revolt, others insult and slander. Let them fear us! The rotten democracy of capital has had its day! It is for these reasons that yellow vests were formed to build a platform of perspectives: It is not another electoral platform, but a platform of combat perspectives. Ancient and recent history demonstrates that there will never be a solution to the democratic mystification of employers who claim to have legitimacy through the organization of electoral farces by summoning millions of passive voters to the polls: the Capitalists own all the media. They have all the power to manipulate public opinion to propagate their economic blackmail. After decades of fictitious electoral alternations in France and around the world, it is high time for the working class to get rid of the "democratic" mush served in all sauces: the R.IC. the RIP and all the reformist rubbish which has only one object: to divert the exploited class from necessity  to establish itself as the dominant class and bring down the bourgeois social order. Only a radical massive mobilization that poses the question of power to workers will be necessary to bring down all employers' institutions and replace them with the power of committees of workers and associated residents.

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