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More than 75% of the electorate gave their votes to bourgeois candidates, with Macron in the lead who covertly proposes to call into question paid leave, to set retirement at 65, to make RSAists work, even children at from 12 years old. Jean Castex, Macron's right-hand man, promises a pension of 1000 euros, a scam given double-digit inflation. Macron's connections with the pharmaceutical industries are clearly established. They explain his health delusions and his repugnant policy, that of imposing compulsory vaccination with unproven and still experimental technologies, which leads to tens of thousands of deaths in Europe and millions of cases of adverse effects, something that has become incontestable with the publications of the European organization EudraVigilance . This way of doing things is clearly part of a far-right authoritarian regime. Should we remember that the neglect of hospital infrastructure is the consequence of the closure of tens of thousands of beds, which continued in the midst of the so-called “health” crisis…under the reign of Macron. Finally he was the organizer of the villainous and liberticidal law, known as "global security", which Marine LE PEN also voted for... Marine LE PEN is campaigning on the theme of "purchasing power" without proposing to increase salaries or the minimum wage, except for nursing staff, and teaching staff through reduction in numbers... Retirement announced at age 60 is conditional on the age of entry into working life: only those who have started working before the age of 20 could leave at 60… Marine LE PEN wants to organize a referendum on immigration by suggesting that it is the neighbor who is at the origin of our problems. She pretends to ignore that immigrant workers, trained workers, IT specialists and various consultants and engineers, often from Maghreb countries, qualified personnel in the medical sector, nurses, caregivers, and doctors, well this is clearly a godsend : it is their countries of origin which assumed the costs linked to their training. This brain drain is also a detriment for their country of origin, which may lack qualified doctors and engineers, but a boon for the host country. His "national" preference is a gross diversion to hide the real culprits: the bourgeois oligarchy, its billionaires who only glut themselves on everyone's backs. Obviously, no more than Macron, she will question employers' interests. There is no doubt that its history and its historical political entourage stemming in part from the GUD, (Groupe union defense) a French far-right student organization, clearly foreshadow coercive authoritarian measures against the organized social and worker movement. But Macron is not the friendly care bear, he has clearly borrowed from the historic extreme right, similar practices of authoritarianism and repression of

social movements. Somehow, we see clearly that we are dealing with two political figures who embody a stiffening of the bourgeois camp, with a historic extreme right with its xenophobic delusions and its fixations on the Muslims singled out, and a Macronist extreme right , sneaky, which advances masked behind a “center left” facade …to cast a wide net.

The vast majority of the electorate therefore gave support to declared enemies of the world of work, retirees, students and high school students, youth, in short the proletarian camp? etc. For them, the solution is the bourgeois program . They are unwilling or unable to understand that we cannot solve society's problems if we do not want to break with capitalism, a regime based on the search for profit, which therefore requires an unequal society. But these sheep of Panurge who gave their electoral support to the bourgeois parties, have already been, are already and will certainly be shorn to the marrow, with LE PEN or MACRON in power. They will inevitably join the minority of precarious and poor workers in the months and weeks to come. The workers who based their hope on an electoral victory for MELENCHON are disappointed. Our hearts go out to this large minority of proletarians who hoped for a victory for MELENCHON , but also to those who voted for candidates from the workers' movement, whatever their inadequacies in their interventions. Whatever the legitimate and well-founded doubts about MELENCHON , a bourgeois politician who has always claimed to be the spiritual heir of MITTERAND , rebellious France proposed to block prices, electricity, free gas, the minimum wage at 1400 euros net. The programs of far-left organizations also called for significant salary increases, which is not the case for France insoumise, which came out in favor of a minimum wage of 1,400 euros net, the satisfaction of certain basic needs or free access to basic necessities, as well as the blocking of gasoline. Incidentally, the current formal program of FRANCE INSOUMISE , the “FUTURE IN COMMON” , is far below what was the “COMMON PROGRAM” of the reformist and Stalinist workers' organizations of the 1970s which had made so many people dream...and advocated socialization measures: this is clearly a symptom of regression of socialist consciousness in the proletarian camp... By the way, the workers of this generation very quickly became disillusioned under the reign of MITTERAND ...: who remembers these steelworkers who had demonstrated in 1984, against a MITTERAND who had very quickly turned his back on his promises not to close the factories in LORRAINE , but also the procession of austerity measures of his so-called “left” governments which have succeeded one another for decades , after the advent of the "union of the left" ... with the participation of the PCF adept at class collaboration, for decades, until our current Fabien ROUSSEL , whose candidacy participated in the defeat electoral campaign of France Insoumise : fortunately for him, ridicule does not kill with his promise of five years of “happy days”… under the reign of a MACRON or a LE PEN… Suffice to say that his call to vote MACRON for blocking the far right is pathetic!

To the proletarians of our time, who are disappointed with the electoral results, we tell them that we must above all not give up hope, but above all learn from the disappointments of the past like that of today: do not trust to no one but yourself, and especially not to false friends or labels. Nothing says that MELENCHON would have respected his electoral commitments, given his political history, his adherence to the bourgeois-style “REPUBLIQUE” , a tool of oppression, but also and above all his refusal to break with capitalism. It's hard to hear, our class brothers and sisters must make up their minds: ancient and recent history tirelessly demonstrates once again that the proletarian camp will never be able to gain power within the framework of these institutions shaped over time. hundreds of years, to ensure the sustainability of political power for the bourgeois class .

No electoral majority according to the bourgeois regime of elections by universal suffrage can justify wage slavery and the political dictatorship of exploiters over society. The bourgeois political elites have the material and human means to shape the opinion of passive voters, and have done so from a very young age: they have at their disposal the media owned by billionaires, a plethora of bourgeois intellectuals, the bureaucracy of the national education, richly financed political parties and stables, to ensure its control over opinion, and even polling institutes to guide the choice of these passive voters...let us remember once again that MUSSOLINI, but also HITLER, supported by the industrialists and the big bourgeoisie, had obtained electoral majorities... Moreover, if we follow the ideologues of "democratic" mystification according to the bourgeois religious rite of representative democracy, HITLER because he had an electoral majority in March 1933 , was therefore entitled to organize mass genocides…

In short, to escape from this hell, the only hope is to tirelessly encourage a radical break with this mystification, “bourgeois representative democracy”: we are in no way committed by the results of these electoral farces, with the choices of millions of voters. passive, who are brainwashed daily.

A strong, massive minority of conscious proletarians have, in our eyes, perfect legitimacy to overthrow the bourgeois social order and its procession of horror. It's all a question of the balance of power and in which social camps we find ourselves. Karl Marx's thesis remains very current. “It is obvious that the weapon of criticism cannot replace the criticism of weapons; material force can only be overcome by material force; but theory also changes into material force as soon as it penetrates the masses. » . Auguste BLANQUI , a worker activist from the 19th century, also said “he who has iron has bread …We must therefore all, every second of our lives, become all the agitators of the social insurrection, which cannot be reduced to a strike general. The strike is useful for extracting concessions from the employers, but it is not enough to challenge them for power.

The workers will have to impose themselves in one way or another: the question asked will then be “who is the master in the house” , and this by all means. And this will not be done with joy and good humor, because in front of us we have determined enemies. Some will have to accept the ultimate sacrifice, as we did our ancestors who died, for example, in the 19th century on the barricades of the Paris Commune.

The PLATEFORMEJAUNE activists are part of the political minority which therefore denounces the democratic mystification with bourgeois sauce, its electoral farces, and advocates self-organization in committee at all levels, with the designation of delegates controlled by the base via permanent revocability and the imperative mandate. What can we do? We must mobilize and self-organize now for a world freed from all relations of exploitation, with a fair and egalitarian sharing of the wealth of this world. The social revolution is certainly not a mythical “big night” : we must already organize ourselves as an alternative counter-power, without delay.

LET'S PREPARE CONSCIENCES FOR THE EMERGENCY AND THE NEED FOR A MASSIVE INSURRECTIONAL MOVEMENT OF A PROLETARIAN NATURE! We must build a real revolutionary movement which poses the question of power to a conscious and self-organized proletariat in committee in every company and every place of life! LET’S GOVERN OURSELVES!

Employees of industries and services, workers, employees, managers, technicians, engineers, unemployed, retirees, students, high school students, we we are neither the people nor citizens! WE ARE THE PROLETARIAT! LONG LONG LIVE THE PROLETARIAT! THE PROLETARIAT WILL VICTORY!



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