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FASCISM AT THE GATE OF POWER - Black Parallel: Vichy Yesterday, RN Today

There is no need to remind you that Marine LE PEN's micro party is a den of former GUDARDS.neo-Nazis. The RN is for us a clearly neo-Nazi party even if it does not have the million SA under its belt. Having come to power, he will use the state apparatus to organize the repression of the workers' movement as a whole. One of our activists immigrated to France during the events in Chile. And his prognosis is not at all reassuring unlike the watered-down cosmetics of LE PEN through his barbie doll BARDELLA. ..

Times change, but the beast remains the same. At a time when history should enlighten us, some choose to embrace the darkness. It is time to expose the sinister continuity between the infamous Vichy regime and the villainous policy of the National Rally regarding dual nationals. Make no mistake: it is the same poison in a different form, a betrayal of human values perpetuated from generation to generation.

From Vichy to the Raids: The Specter of Exclusion

Let us remember the dark hours of the Vichy regime. Under the shadow of Marshal Pétain, crass collaboration with the Nazis manifested itself in a series of anti-Jewish measures of incredible cruelty. The Vichy regime very quickly adopted:

  • Statutes of the Jews (October 3, 1940 and June 2, 1941): Already, the “undesirables” were sorted out, prohibiting them from exercising professions, depriving them of fundamental rights.

  • Economic Aryanization: The spoliation of Jewish property, an institutionalized plunder under the pretext of “racial purity”.

  • Censuses and Roundups: The destructive bureaucracy, the yellow star, the Vel d'Hiv roundup in July 1942. More than 13,000 lives snatched away, treated like merchandise heading to Auschwitz, with no return.

The RN: Reactionary Continuity

Today, the politics of the RN carries the same venom. Barely disguised, this party advocates measures against dual nationals which reveal a direct connection with the Vichy ideology of exclusion:

  • Generalized Suspicion: As under Vichy where Jewish identity was enough to condemn you, the RN demonizes dual nationals, pointing out them as second-class citizens, potential traitors.

  • Reduction of Rights: Just as the Pétain regime excluded Jews from professions and public life, the RN proposes harsh restrictions on the rights of dual nationals, including their right to vote.

  • *Eradicator Nationalism: The old helmeted chant of "national purity", a sinister repetition of Aryanization, where difference is simply intolerable.

PLATEFORMEJAUNE launches a call for the organization of resistance

It is imperative to learn the lessons of history and recognize the modern masks of tyranny. Let's not let hatred disguised as "preservation of national identity" creep into our consciences. The fight against the RN's strategy of exclusion is a continuation of the resistance against Vichy.

Opposing the RN also means honoring the memory of the martyrs of the Vel d'Hiv roundup and those deported yesterday . It means refusing the stigmatization of today's dual nationals. Faced with the beast, the time for battle has come!

A leaflet is currently being printed. Even distributed in thousands of copies, it is not certain that it will change the course of the situation. One of our comrades, who immigrated to France before Pinochet came to power, followed the events closely and has significant perspective on the fascism in power. The first targets will be union activists and left-wing activists, whether reformists or revolutionaries. In Chile they hadn't sorted it out...

As for us, we will not be afraid to die for the working class.

Courage to everyone and take care of yourself.




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